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Wood Fences 

Wood fencing is the most popular of all fencing. It can be installed relatively quickly and comes in a variety of designs and materials. So, if you are looking for a fence that is not only beautiful but budget friendly then a wood fence may be perfect for you.

Wood Fence Installation


Pressure Treated– The most popular and cheapest version of wood fencing is made from pressure treated pine. Pressure treated pine is weather resistant and treated with chemicals to prevent rot and deter wood destroying insects. Pressure treated pine has a yellow to greenish tint and holds its color well. Treated pine fencing can be sealed and stained once the wood has had time to dry. Sealing the wood every two years will add to the lifespan of the wood. The number one cause for early failure of a wood fence is moisture. To prevent wicking, fence boards should not make ground contact but be install 1-2 inches above the ground.


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Cedar A cedar fence, unlike pine, is not treated and naturally resists rot and insects. The wood tends to last longer than pine but is more expensive. If cedar goes unstained or unsealed, the board will begin to become gray in color. The color of cedar fencing can be restored if the boards are pressure washed. When deciding on whether to choose cedar or pine, keep in mind that your runners (the board the fencing is attached to) can come in cedar and pressure treated as well. If you would like a quote on getting a fence installed in either cedar or pine just give Slidell Fencing a call today.


Privacy– The most common style of wood fence is privacy. Privacy fences are usually 6’- 8’ in height and fence boards are place closely together so that only small spaces are visible. This keeps your yard private from the street and up close. If you would like to add some design feature to a privacy fence, a cap can be installed along with a kickboard / rot board. Caps add a design feature to your fence while protecting the top of the fence and post from moisture. This will increase the life of your fence. Just like caps, rot boards protect the bottom of your privacy fencing. It not only prevents water damage to the bottom of your boards but protects them from mowers and trimmers. If a rot board gets damaged, it can easily be changed.

PicketPicket Fences are often used in front yards and walkways. These are shorter in height and range from 3’-4’. The fence boards used are space anywhere from 3-4 inches apart. This spacing allows air movement between the boards and offers little privacy. A picket fence works well in keeping pets and children in the yard. Often painted white, it reminds some people of a simpler time. If you would like a white picket fence, make sure to give us a call today.

Horizontal Horizontal fencing has been growing in popularity.  Wooden boards are run horizontal with the ground. There are many different widths of boards that can be used. These types of fences are more expensive due to the cost of material. Poles must be driven every 5’4” to prevent boards from warping.


Slidell Fencing is happy to offer staining and sealing of new fences. If you would like your new fence sealed then ask your installer for a quote. Staining and sealing a fence will add years of life to your wooden fence. Pick from a variety of colors to make your fence stand out and compliment your style.

When building a wooden fence, it is important to use the correct hardware. Wooden fences can be installed with wooden or metal posts. Both have certain benefits. Wood poles are cheaper than metal and will not bend but may be susceptible to rot or wood destroying insects. Metal poles, while strong, are more expensive and can bend in high winds. All our fastening material is galvanized treated metal which will not rust and lasts the life of the fence. When you get a fence installed by Slidell Fencing, you can rest assured that you will be left satisfied with a beautiful new fence to look at.

If you are looking for a fencing contractor, you have come to the right place. Call us today for a no obligation free quote. We have pros standing by to answer all your questions. Give us a call today.

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