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Vinyl Fencing 

Vinyl Fence Slidell

Vinyl Fencing is a great option whether you need privacy, want to add curb appeal, or just keep your pets in the yard. Vinyl fencing is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which is a very resilient material. PVC is weather resistant and requires very low maintenance. It comes in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. It is difficult to break and will never splinter. If you are looking for a fence that requires no maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing to look at, a vinyl fence may be the fence for you. If you are looking for a vinyl fence contractor look no further than Slidell Fencing. Our pros are waiting to hear from you. We offer competitive pricing and great customer service. Call us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a vinyl fence?

Vinyl fencing can cost between $19-$35 per linear foot on average; prices will increase when installing more detailed vinyl panels. Difficult terrain or installation may cause the cost of installation to rise as well.

How do you clean a vinyl fence?

There are many ways to clean your vinyl fence. If done consistently, simply spraying your fence with a garden hose can clean off most dirt and grime. For difficult areas that are stained or smudged, a magic eraser works wonderfully. If dirt remains, a liquid cleaner can be used to get the harder to reach cracks and crevices. We suggest a product like Simple Green or something similar. If your vinyl fence remains dirty, a solution of bleach and water can be used. Lastly, if your fence has not been kept and is stained with algae or other hard to remove stains, a pressure washer can be used. We recommend using a pressure washer with around 1800-2000 psi. Make sure to test a small section of the fence before starting as a pressure washer could damage your fence if proper precautions are not taken. Vinyl fencing is a great fencing option and with proper upkeep will stay beautiful for the life of the fence.

Will Roundup stain a vinyl fence?

Roundup or similar weed killers will likely not stain your vinyl fence. It is always best to test a small section to be sure though. We recommend trying to avoid spraying it on the fence if possible. Using a piece of cardboard or a paint shield can protect your fence while spraying.

Are vinyl fences good for around pools?

Yes, vinyl fencing is impervious to moisture, so they make the perfect companion to swimming pools. Whether you have a salt or freshwater pool, vinyl fencing works great. Not only will your fence last but you can have peace of mind that there is a strong barrier to keep pets and children away from the pool.

Vinyl Fencing vs Wood Fencing

Both products make wonderful fences. It truly is a matter of preference and needs. While wood fencing does not last as long, some people prefer the natural beauty of wood. Plus, wood fencing is cheaper than vinyl fencing. Wood fences do require more maintenance than vinyl, so if you want a fence with zero to no maintenance, vinyl may be the way to go. Wood fences can be customized to meet a very specific idea or vision, and while vinyl fences come in a variety of designs, you are limited to what you are able do as far as design is concerned. Here are some great questions to ask yourself when trying to decide between a vinyl or wooden fence.

  • What is my Budget?
  • What type of design do I want?
  • How invested will I be in upkeep?
  • What is the location of my fence?
  • What type of fence do I really want?

Vinyl Fencing is a great option for any home. If you are considering replacing or installing a vinyl fence, then call Slidell Fencing today for a free quote today. We would be glad to discuss your project at length with you. Thank you for considering us.

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