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Gates and Repair 

If you need a new gate of a fence repaired you have come to the right place. Check out what we have to offer today,

Fence Repair 

We all know that things happen, especially in Southern Louisiana when weather can change in a second. That is why Slidell Fencing offers fence repair along with gate installation and gate repair. If you have a fence that still has life to it and may just need some repair, do not hesitate to call Slidell Fencing. We specialize in all facets of fence repair. From wood to iron, you can trust that if it is broken, we can fix it. If your wooden fence is leaning because of that bad storm or you are just missing a few boards, we are ready to help.


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Our pros will come out to your property and evaluate your fence and get a list of materials needed to fix it. Once this list is created, all pros will then source the material to make sure we can match your current fence’s color. Once this is done, we reach back to you with a quote on repair. You will be given all the different options of repair so that you can chose what best fits your needs. Whether it is a broken board or a piece of bent metal, you can trust that Slidell Fencing will do everything in its power to make your fence right again. Before every repair job, our technician will walk you through the process of the repair so that you understand the steps and time needed to complete the project. On some occasions it may require multiple trips to the property to assure a correct and serviceable repair. It is our hope that when we leave a property that a homeowner would never know that their fence was damaged in the first place.


Gates are the number one repair that we get called out on. Gates are moving parts and have wearable parts. Gates can sag over time if not installed and maintained correctly. If you have a fence that needs a gate repaired or replaced, do not hesitate to call Slidell Fencing. If you need a new gate installed, check out our great options below.

Wooden Framed Gates 

These gates are built completely out of wood. Wood gates can get heavy very quickly. The heavier the gate, the greater the chance for premature failure of the post and the gate. It is highly recommended that wooden gates are no wider than four feet. That makes it possible to install an opening of eight feet with a double wooden gate. If you need a wider gate than eight feet, we strongly suggest you upgrade to a metal framed wooden gate.

Metal Framed Gates 

Metal frame gates resist sagging and can easily be adjusted over time. These gates, while heavy, are built with galvanized steel tubing and faced with wooden or metal fencing material. They are then attached to strong metal poles that create a gate that will not sag and will operate properly daily. While these gates are more expensive than traditional wood gates, the added cost pays for itself over time. If you’re tired of fighting to keep your gate closed or your gate is dragging the ground, call Slidell Fencing today.

Driveway Gates 

We are proud to offer cast iron gate installation. While these gates are expensive, they last a lifetime. Hand built, these gates can be designed to fit the needs of your home and your style. Having the ability to add closing systems that allow the gate to open and close automatically can really add to the usability of the heavy large gates. If you are in the market for a cast iron gate, call us today, and we will be glad to point you in the right direction.

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Fence Repair

If your fence is in need of repair don’t hesitate to call today. We are excited to hear from you.