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Thank you for taking the time to check out Slidell Fencing. We are a locally owned and operated fencing company that serves the entire Northshore of Louisiana and New Orleans and Saint Bernard Parish. With years of experience in the fence installation industry, we are glad to expand to Slidell and its neighboring cities. We take pride in every fence we install. We only use quality building materials, and all our fencing meets or exceeds the standards of fencing practices and guidelines.

We offer and install a variety of fencing styles and types. Check our gallery to see some of our most recent work. Whether you are looking to install a fence for privacy, security, or looks, Fencing Slidell is your one-stop shop for all custom fence construction needs. When you call us for a free quote, one of our qualified technicians will measure your project and review the different fence design options we can install with you. Now it the time to  replace that old fence with a new one that will serve you for years, make sure to call Fencing Slidell today.

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Fencing offers a variety of benefits. It provides a boundary between properties, keeps animals, property, and people who do not belong in your yard out, and protects the things inside. Privacy fencing offers a level of security and privacy. It keeps people from being able to see inside your yard. The standard privacy height of six feet keeps most people from being able to see over your fence and inside your home. This allows you to protect your property and privacy from intruders.

Fencing comes in a variety of materials and styles. A client must understand the differences and benefits that each style and type offer before deciding. Slidell Fencing believes that a client should have the best information to make an informed decision. That is why we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the different types of fencing we install. Slidell Fencing offers vinyl fencing, wood fencing, metal fencing, wrought iron fencing, chain link fence installation, pool fence installation and fence repair. Check out our service pages for detailed information about our fence installation options.

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Need a Fencing Contractor in Slidell?

If you have been thinking about getting a new fence now is the time. Call today, and speak with our qualified contractors about your construction project. We are the premier fence company in Slidell and are in the business of making and keeping all our clients happy.

 About Fencing Slidell

Fencing Slidell is a locally owned fence contractor specializing in wood and custom fencing for commercial and residential clients. We have been servicing the greater New Orleans area for over five years and have built a reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.

Our team understand that each customer has unique needs, our fencing contractor works hard to provide solutions that fit those needs. Whether you are looking for a simple wood fence installation to define your property line or a custom-designed and built fence to enhance the look of your home or business, we can help.

Give us a call today to discuss your fencing needs. We look forward to working with you!

Fence Installation

Vinyl Fencing

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional wood fencing then vinyl fencing may be an option for you. Vinyl Fencing is made with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which is the same substance that most of the drainage plumbing is made of in newer homes. PVC is very weather resistant and can hold up to rainy, hot, and humid climates, which makes it suitable for the Southern Louisiana weather.

Vinyl fencing is also very strong and resistant to cracking and breaking. It offers a higher privacy level than wood, and vinyl fencing comes in pre-made sheets that lock or slide together to create a solid fence. There are many reasons that a vinyl fence could be the perfect option for your home.

Vinyl Fencing comes in many different designs and colors, so it is easily incorporated into any existing landscape. If your vinyl fence does get damaged, most panels can easily be replaced quickly with little effort. If you are thinking about installing a vinyl fence and are wondering about the cost, the national average to have 200 linear feet of vinyl fencing installed is $5,600.  While this is more expensive than wood, many people can justify the added cost by the benefits that vinyl fencing offers. Prices do vary depending on the type of vinyl fencing installed.

Vinyl fencing comes in different styles including picket, privacy, basic, lattice, and shadow box. So whatever option you choose, you can trust that Slidell Fencing can get the installation done for you at a competitive price and within a reasonable time frame.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie
Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie

Wood Fences

When people think of fencing, they usually picture a wooden privacy fence. This type is by far the most popular fence of choice for those in the area. We believe the reason this type of fencing is so popular is because of the security, ease, and relatively low cost that a wooden fence offers. A wooden fence is usually made up of either pressure treated pine or red cedar.

Pine fences can be stained and have a life expectancy of about 10 – 15 years depending on weather conditions and whether it has been properly cared for and treated. Cedar fencing can be expected to last between 15 -30 years if properly maintained but costs significantly more than treated pine. Regular maintenance can add years of life to a wooden fence. Make sure ground contact is kept to a minimum, and resealing or painting a fence every 2- 3 years will add many years to any wooden fence.

Wooden fences are a great option as they can easily be repaired and add a certain beauty to any landscape. Wood fencing can be installed in a multitude of ways including picket, privacy, latticed, and board and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Because wood can be cut and shaped, there is really no limit to what one can do with wood fencing.

To add to the life of the fence, wooden caps can be installed along the top of the fencing to prevent moisture from entering the board and prevent pre-mature breakdown of the wood. In the same respect, a kick plate can be installed on the bottom of the fence which prevents the picket from lawn equipment and keeps moisture from wicking up into the fencing. This fence kickplate is usually screwed in to make for easy replacement when needed.

Wood fencing is a great option for any fence. If you are thinking about replacing or installing a wooded fence, call the experts at Slidell Fencing today to get your free quote.

stamped concrete in New Orleans
stamped concrete in New Orleans

Aluminum / Cast Iron Fencing

Cast Iron fencing is by far the most expensive option for fencing. These fences can last 50- 100 years if properly taken care of. Due to the nature of cast iron fencing, they are expensive to install because they are usually welded by hand and installed on location. Luckily, Slidell Fencing offers an alternative to cast iron fencing. If you love the look of cast iron but do not want to pay the cost, Slidell Fencing can install cast aluminum fencing for a fraction of the cost. With a similar life expectancy, aluminum fencing looks just like cast iron. It is extremely weather resistant and can be installed easily and quickly.

These fences come pre-made in sections and then installed. They come in a variety of styles and options to choose from. Due to the amount of variations offered, these fences must be ordered and can take some time to get. But the wait is worth it. These fences can make any home beautiful. Whether you want a three foot or six foot fence, Slidell Fencing has you covered when it come to aluminum fence installation. Make sure to check out our aluminum fencing page to see all the options available for a professional fence installation.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie

Corrugated Metal Fence


Metal Fences are great options for someone looking for security and privacy at their home. Metal fencing comes in different heights and colors. The standard height is six feet, but a property owner can have metal fencing installed up to 12 feet if necessary. Metal fencing, although expensive, offers a life expectancy that is hard to beat. With an average life span of 25 years, it is understandable why these fences are becoming more and more popular in Southern Louisiana.

Corrugated Metal is made from galvanized steel and comes in different thicknesses. It is weather resistant, and the panel will usually out last the hardware used to install them. So, with proper maintenance, a metal fence can provides years of security and privacy to any home. Metal fencing requires very little to no care and once installed only requires a pressure washer to keep it looking new.

Although corrugated metal fencing has many pros, there are few styles to choose from. However, that aspect may be easily overlooked as corrugated metal fences come in a variety of colors that can fit any style. So, if you are in the market for a new fence,  then call us today for your free metal fence quote and let us answer the question of how much does a metal fence cost.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie

Chain Link Fence Installation


At Fencing Slidell, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality chain link fencing options. This type of fence is extremely cost-effective and provides long-lasting security that you won’t find with other types of fencing. The strong steel material keeps out animals and intruders, providing you with peace of mind that your property is safe. Additionally, our fast installation process allows us to quickly set up the fence so that you can benefit from it immediately. With various styles and finishes, you will be sure to find the perfect chain link fencing solution for your needs.

Chain link fence installation

Swimming Pool Fence Installation


At Fencing Slidell, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality pool fencing options. Our experienced team of professionals offers various services to ensure your pool area remains safe and secure. Whether you are looking for a permanent or removable option, we have the perfect solution. Our pool fences are designed using strong steel and come in various styles and finishes to match any aesthetic. Our experienced technicians provide fast installation services so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new fence immediately. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can be sure that you are making a sound investment when you choose our company for your swimming pool fence needs. Contact us today for more information!


swimming pool fence

Custom Fence Construction


At Fencing Slidell, we understand that everyone has different needs regarding their fences. We offer custom fence construction services to create the perfect solution for your property. We specialize in various fencing designs, including wood picket, privacy, and aluminum ornamental fences. Our talented team will work with you to develop a design that fits your specifications, whether you want something classic or modern. If desired, we can also incorporate other materials, such as brick or stone, into the design. 


custom fence construction


What good to have a fenced yard if you cannot get into it. Our pros can design and build any gate that you need. From wood to metal, we have you covered. We can build metal or timber framed gates if you need a double wood gate to get your car or boat in and out. Maybe you need a gate repaired or replaced. Slidell Fencing can fix or replace your old gate. Give us a call today.

Custom wood gates

Custom wood gates are a beautiful addition to any home. We can design and install any size or style of wood gate you need. If you have an existing wood fence, we can build a wood gate to match. We can also stain or paint your new wood gate to match your home or business.

Metal Gates

Metal gates are an excellent option for security and durability. We can design and install any size or style of metal gate you need. We can build a metal gate to match if you have an existing metal fence. We can also powder coat your new metal gate to match your home or business.

Automated Gates

If you want the convenience of an automated gate, we can help. We can design and install any size or style of automatic gate. We can also integrate your new automated gate with your existing security system. Call us today to learn more about our automated gates and openers.


Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie

Fence Repair

Sometimes fences need a little help. Is your fence leaning after the latest storm, or maybe you have a few boards that need to be replaced? Give the pros at Slidell Fencing a call today, and let us give you a price for your fence repair today. Whether its metal, vinyl, or wood, our pros have seen it all. Why Replace an entire fence when the cheapest and easiest option may be to repair it? Slidell Fence is here to help. Contact us today to fill out a form, and one of our qualified pros will get back to you soon.

Storm Damage Repairs

After a hurricane or other severe storm, it’s not uncommon for your fence to be damaged. Storms can cause high winds that can topple over even the sturdiest of fences. Wind and debris can cause dents and holes if you have metal fencing. Wood fences can suffer from water damage, split boards, and leaning posts. No matter what type of fence you have, the experts at Slidell Fencing can repair it. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to make your fence look new.

Gate Repair

Your fence isn’t complete without a functioning gate. If your gate is damaged, getting in and out of your yard can be challenging. Storms can damage gates just like they damage fences. High winds can cause the gate to swing open and hit something, damaging the hinges or frame. If your gate is stuck or won’t close properly, give us a call. The experts at Slidell Fencing will come out and take a look and let you know what needs to be done.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie

Fence Installation Cost 

Wood Privacy Fence Cost 

A standard pressure-treated 6′ fence installation cost in the Slidell, La area between $26-30 per linear foot, depending upon the style of fence and material you choose. At the same time, an 8′ will cost closer to $35 a foot to install. The most popular styles of wood fences in the Slidell area are shadow boxes, dog ears, and flat tops. Fence posts are set in concrete at 8′ spacing, and 6′ tall privacy fence panels are installed between the posts. For a free estimate on a fence installation in the Slidell area, please call Fencing Slidell today!

Aluminum Fencing Cost

Aluminum Fences are a great choice for those who desire the look of wrought iron without maintenance. These fences are available in various styles and colors and can be custom-designed to meet your needs. The average aluminum fence installation cost by a professional in the Slidell area is $50-75 per linear foot. To book an appointment for a free estimate on an aluminum fence installation in the Slidell area, please call Fencing Slidell today!

I am so glad i called Slidell Fence company for my new fence. We had an old broken down wooden fence that needed to be replaced. We went with a white vinyl privacy fence and we cannot be happier. I would highly recommend Slidell Fence to any one that needs fence work done.

Cliff Wilson

I had a gate on our fence that kept falling off. It was such a pain. I finally got fed up and called Slidell Fence. Dwayne came out right away and provided me with a quick estimate. Dwayne returned a few days later while I was at work and fixed my gate. I am so thankful for Slidell Fence.

Melanie M

We got a new wood fence installed by Slidell Fence. We were not sure what style we wanted. Dwayne was patient with is and helped us decide what design matched our landscape. We are so glad that we call Slidell Fence and will recommend their services to anyone

Fred S

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